Then the star burner will personally destroy this creature and all the residents nearby.

Xing Yanmin guessed that if those creatures don’t want to wake up, their thinking will wake up slowly, and the whole process will slowly affect the surrounding residents.
So that they can stop the phenomenon of high temperature worship.
If the whole world cools down rapidly, the star burner won’t attack … but it hasn’t arrived here.
But that’s just the’ prophase’.
It is said that the early stage of burning stars is aimed at places where high-temperature creatures sleep.
Later, it seems that it can’t tell whether there is any living thing sleeping, so it will try to make it’ burn’ if it wants to get close to the area where there are rich living things.
Almost it will do this when it meets biological gathering places. These are the reasons why other creatures are afraid of it.
Of course, Xingyanmin has always worshipped it.
Star flame people think that star burner is a kind of low temperature hazard.
At the same time, this theory also shows that the star burner is particularly disgusted with the’ traitor’ who yearns for low temperature.
But in the final analysis, all this is just talk.
In fact, the people of Star Flames have never confirmed whether there is a symbiosis between’ eternal flame’ and star burners.
There is no reason to prove that it burns biological colonies.
In the past, no creature has ever confirmed or studied the specific situation of star burners.
There’s a star flame. People say this … It keeps flowing.
Finally, the database confirmed their theory.
The actual star burner is always cleaning up the’ betrayer’
Maybe it’s been a long time since the star burner didn’t know it? It always intends to attack Walsh for this reason.
What’s more amazing is that Frostburg didn’t know this, and Lin didn’t know when she met those stars and flames.
Or ….. not completely know.
There are some wonderful things about their creatures. Their memories are not all hidden in one place.
This is actually one of the main reasons why Lin first met those people who have a history and Lin learned it from Frostburg.
Chapter three thousand one hundred and sixteen Appear
Maybe it’s because of the long life … the creatures like the flaming people and the flaming planet don’t put their memories into their brains.
Their memory will remember important things in the near future, and the longer they are, the more blurred they will be.
So they mainly include the whole population history, of course … For example, the star burner said that these historical records were put in places that can be called’ record halls’.
And the whole record hall is somewhere in the frost castle body
Former star flame people can consult these records at any time, but after the incident, they can’t know these historical records
Although their memories will be generally remembered, the details inside will be remembered.
They need to go back to Frostburg and consult this’ record hall’ again to know the details of those things again.
And the database actually wants to know is to record the information recorded in the museum.
However, the information in the record hall has become obscure since the "consciousness" of Frostburg left … To be precise, the information is still there, but the consciousness of Frostburg is like a key that must be returned before it can be fully opened.
Now Lin has almost understood what happened.
Strangely, the golden sphere did not appear in these events.
Now I feel that when it went to find the database, something happened and finally it didn’t reach the location of the database.
Lin had speculated that the database might let the star burners attack the golden sphere, but it seems that the database has not seen or thought of the golden sphere.
It’s probably missing somewhere.
….. Then connect to … That is about to face the danger.
As the database occupies the fort frost’ consciousness’ Lin also on the other side … Travel here detected.
Now that the travel has stopped, there are many observers outside the mobile forest.
These observers are similar in shape to the telescope built by Kirshman, and they observe everything around them virtually.
Including the general and … Ancient.
Lin now knows how to detect these ancient methods, which are slightly different from ordinary ones, if it is to be detected, it is not difficult.
Now travel around … There is an ancient
Actually, Lin has detected many ancient times along the way … Lin thinks that if the star burner wants to attack Ershi, it should pass these ancient attacks.
If there are many words nearby, the trip will be surrounded.
But there is such a … Then just keep looking at this one.
Of course, Lin will bet somewhere else.
Now this ancient entrance is almost 100 thousand kilometers away from travel
Although it is special in ancient times, it can move quickly one after another, but if you want to enter the normal virtual, you can still pass through the only entrance and exit

"You also said that local people may not know what the Xu family represents, but no one will know."

"Even if you don’t know, Cai will help him understand!"
His voice sank and his face was overwhelmed
Black iron black iron is also a small place with a gap, and it is better to be familiar with the black iron in the background.
He has a way to clean up.
"Shout …"
Xu Chang breathed a sigh of relief and nodded slowly.
"I naturally trust Cai Shu to do things. Someone just sent me an invitation to dinner."
"Oh!" Cai qi raises eyebrows
"We were invited as soon as we arrived. It seems that they are well informed."
"Well" Xu Shang nodded.
"It’s Yamaraja, the murderer of the Tianhu gang, who has been from Long. Besides, there is a woman named Qing Xue, Cai Shu. Do you know the origin of this woman?"
"Tianhu Gang" Cai Qi shook his head thoughtfully.
"During this period, the decepticons gang was quite confused, and it was not appropriate for us to get involved in the position of Wang."
"After all …"
"there is xiaolang island"
Nowadays, the decepticon gang and the deputy Wang have been killed one after another. Such a big gang doesn’t even have a middle-aged black iron man, so it won’t be seen by the Xu family.
But there is Xiaolang Island behind it.
The Xu family’s involvement may cause misunderstanding.
Xu Shang’s pulse has always wanted to expand its influence in the outside world, but it is this that comes to Shicheng, but it can’t be done urgently.
"I’m white" Xu Shang although impulsive, after all, not a fool nods.
"We don’t care who owns the position of Wang privately, but it’s much more convenient to act after a good relationship."
"That’s good." Cai Ji was relieved.
"When shall I prepare the carriage?"
Zhou Jia stood in the treetops with his hands overlooking the swept figure.
People jump dozens of feet and soar in the sky like Peng birds. Their graceful posture and rapidity can almost be called flying off the ground.
For ordinary people,
The other side’s posture is not much different from flying.
Feipeng posture!
Ying Chao gained the method from an extinct civilization and made many improvements to achieve this achievement.
In Zhou Jia’s view, this intellectual man fit achievement method is even better than the top flying skill of Xiaolang Island.
Zheng Lao has repeatedly pursued the escape of the strong in the late period of the black iron, which is a great contribution.

On the whole, it’s really painstaking for Yujiang to leave the valley this time.

Now, taking advantage of the moonlight, Yujiang put the dry cake in his hand back into the box again, and put the water bag he took out together, so as to cover the lid and lock it, and then pulled out the lock key, and then leaned out his head and hung his neck again.
"Shadow … when do you think we can get out of this Gobi?"
Turned half a body so that he could look straight at the shadow leopard behind him and gently raised his hand to touch his eyes. This shadow leopard Yujiang not only murmured.
As soon as Yujiang’s hand touched the shadow leopard, something magical happened. Seeing Yujiangmei turned out to be a silvery Guanghua mark, which he didn’t have when he ate the cake.
Seeing this mark appears like this, but Yu Jiang doesn’t seem to take it too seriously for such a vision, as if he knew this mark was generally not surprising.
The light emitted by the imprint is scattered along Yujiang’s five senses and reaches his five fingers and his hair tips.
While the shadow leopard that should fall into a deep sleep, this mark is instantly awakened in Guanghua, and that brilliance is scattered along Yujiang’s five fingers. At that time, the silver brilliance of the leopard body was so great that it was distributed to the dim Li Shi.
This time, the light in the shadow leopard’s eyes is no longer as rare as it was earlier. This time, the light emerging from the shadow leopard’s fundus is exactly the same as the light emitted by Yu Jiangmei’s mark.
I didn’t expect Yujiang to go through so many hardships, but after all, the shadow leopard and the mother box in his heart merged with each other.
"Roar …"
Will own big metal head towards Yujiang arms gather together this bronze big cat will narrow her eyes again. If it is from time to time, there will be a roar in her mouth, just like responding to Yujiang’s words.
It’s worthy of being a psychic produced by Wanji Shrine!
"Shadow, do you know what I want to do most at the moment?"
Touching Yujiang’s eyes back and forth along the shadow leopard’s big head over and over again may not bring out a touch of yearning charm, while softly saying, looking up at the stars and imagining things.
"I want to do something at the moment is to find a museum and treat myself well … let me think about what you said I’d like to order for us? Oh, yes, I remember. Let’s start with a big plate of mutton hoof with spicy sauce. I’ve loved spicy hemp since I was a child, but we can’t just eat mutton hoof. We have to ask the store to give us a whole plate of vinegar soaked peanuts. Oh, and a stack of pickles. I like to eat this porridge with pickles. Oh, and … "
The more you talk about Yujiang’s fundus, the more intense it becomes. At last, when it comes to dawn, he is still immersed in his own food world.
But if you think about it, you don’t blame Yu Jiang.
Imagine that before Li Er set foot in Cangzhou, the secret valley was still in the charge of Zhao Xuan and Yubeitang. At that time, Yujiang thought all day long, such as going to play, going crazy, finding a delicious restaurant in the valley to fill his stomach. It can be said that there was really one thing he considered at that time, that is, making himself more handsome and happy.
When Li Er’s army broke through the high wall one after another, and Yu Jiang had to rely on the bronze handle (crossbow) in his hand to defend his fellow disciples against foreign enemies together, his fate changed dramatically.
He loves to eat food in Yujiang, and he hasn’t been able to eat it since the Tian Yi incident.
He can’t play a good game in Yujiang since the secret valley changed hands.
It can be said that the Tian Yi incident not only changed Yu Jiang’s living habits, but also changed his views and concepts on the incident and changed the attitude and understanding of others.
Nowadays, Yujiang has become the most lonely person in the world. Without relatives and friends, there is this machine that can’t talk and has no feelings.
This only regrets the injustice of heaven …
What other complaints can there be?
Zhao Xuan, Yujiang’s mother, died for guarding heaven, and his father Yu Beitang died for guarding hope. Even if Li Er said it pitifully, even if Su Qingguang said it euphemistically, this kind of hatred was still planted with the end of the day, and his heart grew stronger and stronger.
Yujiang knows that this is probably the case for the rest of his life in the future.
Chapter six hundred and one Growth
It’s already misty, and it’s a little dim. Li came quietly.
At that night, the curtain was fading straight with the hazy white of the east, and finally even the stars above the head were no longer flashing like that, but dissipated with the curtain fading.
Although there are still a few proud stars hanging in the sky, their endings will eventually be eclipsed and then erased by the sun’s brilliance

When the manor needs three-level output, it will follow this road.

After gene fusion, they created four very unique species, all of which are inexhaustible in nature.
But after three days on the surface-actually, Fu Yan felt that he had worked hard for several weeks, and even a month or two later, the secondary output was still the secondary output.
Although a variety of new flavors are emitted, they still do not reach the level of three-level output.
That is to say, they have completely failed.
And it doesn’t seem to make sense for them to produce these strange fruits.
Except that most of them have been converted into points, they took out all the other experimental fruits and disposed of them.
A good farmer said that these fruits are nutritious and delicious anyway, so they are not sold for nothing.
But Fuyan felt guilty.
There is a sense of shame of "being ashamed to meet people"
After another cart of fruits was brought out, he couldn’t help but hold a snapping customer. "Don’t you think the manor is strange?"
"Strange? What’s strange? "
"You’ve never seen such a strange fruit before, have you?"
"What are you afraid to eat?" This person’s heart is super big. "The output of the manor is delicious and it is definitely no problem to dare to sell it!"
"This is a fruit that I have never heard of before!"
"What are you afraid of? When I was a child, I didn’t eat kiwi fruit, pitaya fruit, durian fruit and avocado that tasted terrible to death … Compared with those fruits, it’s not surprising that the manor produced these. Maybe this is some magical species from Black Island! Isn’t it that a large number of new species are discovered every year? "
An explorer who came back from the black continent, Naidi, sighed …
This is really not.
Chapter 463 The birth of the third-level film
Just as Fu Yannai was waiting, a bus stopped and a group of people came.
"This is it! Fried rice fruit! "
"I am forced to go to the virtual city. There are three most recommended local products. The first is Lao Zhuang Shu’s disease-relieving wine; The second is the pre-brand fried rice fruit; The third is five maple leaves! "
Uncle Lao Zhuang’s wine for getting rid of diseases and strengthening the body has been popular recently, and it has cured all diseases. Dad Zhuang has rumored several times in the interview and can’t stop the spread of rumors.
Pre-brand fried rice can taste excellent when it is raw and cooked, and it is not available in any other family. It is also more acceptable to sell the star at a high price than other tomatoes in the manor output. After all, fruits are becoming more and more expensive now, and it is not an exaggeration to sell rare fruits for 5 yuan a piece.
The leaves of five maple trees are very beautiful in color, and they can be kept fresh for a long time after being picked, and they will become more gorgeous after losing water, which is even liked by small fresh people.
However, the long queue of sick wine is simply daunting; The security guard of Wukefeng Gymnasium is so fierce that it is not easy to pick one piece, but the most easy one is fried rice fruit.
Many people will buy a copy when they come to Virtual City.
Moreover, the previous vendors were the cheapest and the most abundant.
And from the car, these people wear sports one by one, and most of them are young people who are as strong as leopards
The words "so-and-so team" are also written on the chest clothes.
"Hey, are you here to participate in the State Games team?" Fuyan this just suddenly realized.
The state games have actually been held.
Teams of representatives from all over the state come here to participate in the preliminaries, preliminaries, adaptation venues and so on.
However, there will be a few days before the official ceremony.
These people lined up behind the crowd, and when they came to the front of the vendor, Fu Yan had just pushed the car and it had been snapped up.
"Why not?"

Returning home from victory, Wang Junkuo sat next to Li Hu and became sworn brothers. You and I have a glass of wine to tell the old story when seven thousand villages became an outlaw.

Wang Mahan also sat in the Prime Minister’s chair and walked over, drinking heavily and eating large pieces of meat.
For example, Yun from the rare room of Ying Hefu Tuo ‘er, the general of many armies, and Li Ying were all present. The former generals were very happy to see Li Ying, who was two years old but strong and energetic, and they all proposed a toast to Yun from Li Chongjiu’s room.
Xi Junchen’s fun is exactly the weather of Zhao’s flowers, cooking oil and steaming.
Lee Chong-jiu couldn’t help but be very open-minded when he saw all the people. They all got drunk and went home very happily.
The next day in front of Linshuo Palace.
Three wagons and a hundred armored guards came to the palace gate to stop.
The carriage came with three Khitan leaders, namely, the head of the horse floc department, Kumo, Li Bu, the head of the department, and Yu Ling, the head of the department.
Although the carriage was gorgeous, it was very bumpy all the way. Three Qidan people who had been riding horses since childhood never rode in the carriage. They were very unaccustomed to throwing up six things at the head of the department, Li Bu, who threw up all the breakfast today in front of the temple.
This scene made the guards in front of the palace secretly smile, and their faces were livid. The Khitan language said to Li behind them, "Enough, don’t lose our Khitan faces."
Kumo’s face doesn’t look good either. "This Sui Khan is going to give us a good look."
At Kumo Li’s glance, Du Yan said, "It’s good to know that Sui people just like to play tricks to make you afraid of him and fear him. Finally, I will give you some so-called kindness to let you post. They don’t always have a saying that they are afraid of prestige before they can be wilder."
Li Wu said, "I know Brother Du Yan, don’t worry, I will not lose face to the Khitans."
Du Yan nodded and said, "It’s good to know, but don’t worry too much about the Sui people’s accumulation in the past thousand years. It’s really great. You look at this magnificent and secluded city behind us. It’s a day of horse racing and a circle of grassland around the city. When we think of the Sui people, we still have something to lose. But although we Khitans are defeated, it’s also an opportunity to learn from the Sui people. The Khitans won’t lead horses for the Sui people all the time."
"That’s right."
"Well said," it’s all low to be absent from Lebanon.
"Are you the three Qidan guests invited by the king?" But I saw a smiling Zhao official come out.
Du Yan said "exactly"
The other party smiled and said, "One is Shang Gao Xu Daofeng, who does not do this. Wang Ming has been waiting for three people for a long time. Please come here."
Say that finish before Gao Xudao three people lead the way into the hall.
Du Yan and Gao Xudao, who were behind each other, secretly asked Du Yan, "Big Brother, how big is this Han official?"
Du Yan wanted to say, "It’s equivalent to the leaf protection of Turks."
The two men looked at each other and said, "This is a big official. It seems that the Sui Khan still values us."
Du Yan whispered, "Don’t talk too much and look at it."
The three men walked through the long aisle, but they saw that there were soldiers standing on both sides of the aisle, each with bright armor.
The majestic palace of Linshuo Palace was an eye-opener for the three Khitans. They went to the Turkic Khan Hall in Dujin Mountain, and the Turkic Khan Hall was already the most magnificent thing in the grassland.
But Linshuo Palace is as humble as a puddle in front of a lake when it comes to the Turkic Khan Hall.
Fortunately, the three Khitans didn’t say these words, or they would be laughed at by others. The Linshuo Palace was just a temporary palace built by Yang Guang, but it was a medium-sized palace. If they saw Luoyang Chang’ an Zhong Miyagi, they didn’t know how to be shocked.
The three Khitans were greatly awed. When Gao Xudao led them to the front 32 steps of the main hall, Gao Xudaolang told them that "Shang Gao Xudao, the Ministry of Rites, took three Khitan leaders to see the king".
The square in front of Gao Xu Daonian’s Bi Yinkuo Temple echoed with lingering sound.
Three people are one leng until then heard a sound from the temple.
Then, one person, two people, four people, sixteen people, and sixty-four military men shouted "Xuanqidan Touren!"
The sound was magnificent, and the three Khitans were motionless. With something of a guard, Gao Xudao slowly picked up the steps step by step
The three men came to the front of the main hall, and the court official Gao Sheng said in the previous step, "Come to the rescue!"
Before the three Khitans came, they all asked about the rules. They all knew that when Xiejian and boots were removed, they were merged into the temple.
It’s just that three Khitans, in addition to riding boots, have a strong foot odor that permeates the front of the temple, praising the famous officials almost half-holding their breath and saying, "The head of the Khitans is too dry to spit out six things in the department, and the feathers and tombs are all in the audience."
The three of them walked into the temple together and slowly looked up, but they saw a young man sitting in the distance with a waiter on each side of the platform.
After that, Du Yan and the three of them walked to the front of the throne 30 paces away. They all caressed their chests and saluted and said, "See the Khan in the room!"
Aside, the assistant said, "Li Wang has ordered the three distinguished guests of Qidan to sit and talk twenty steps in front of the temple."
Three reed mats were placed in front of the left and right waiters. Three Qidan people just learned the rules and sat on their heels with their legs together. It was because of their new learning that they soon twisted left and right, making the left and right waiters all smile.
The waiter was just about to sit out. Li Chongjiu said with a smile, "Sit as comfortably as you like."
Three people immediately if amnesty this just relax sitting on the reed mat, but their hearts thought than that kill people without batting an eye Wang Junkuo move to jilt face Xue Wanche this in ten thousand sui khan seems to be more accommodating instead.
Li Chongjiu began to say, "Did the three heads visit the secluded Beijing when they first arrived?"
The three people, the Han Khan, usually assumed the gesture of killing and looting at first, asking them to know their kindness and declare their loyalty to Zhao, but I didn’t expect the Sui Khan to say whether they had visited the secluded Beijing first, as if the three of them were not prisoners of war but came to visit the secluded Beijing.
It’s hard to stay away from Lebanon, but it’s all determined to be dumb. It’s said that "I only came to Beijing yesterday, but I’ve seen the prosperity of Han Dynasty all the way to the city."
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "Are you deep and remote in Beijing? Would you like to stay for a long time? "
The three Khitans all changed their faces. Is Khan going to pledge them to Youjing? Du Yan bowed his head and said, "You Jing is good, but our people are all grasslands, and we prefer to be with our people."
Don’t leave Lebanon when you are dry, but also nod and say "yes"
Li Chongjiu heard the words and laughed and said, "You misunderstood that loneliness didn’t mean this. You may have a big and prosperous Beijing, but I tell you that Chang ‘an, the eastern capital of the Central Plains, is ten times bigger than the secluded Beijing and has ten times more people."
All three Khitans were shocked.
Li Chongjiu smiled and said, "Solitude is not an exaggeration. There is a saying in the Han people that there are people outside the mountain. This sentence is to let us know the truth of awe. There is not a flower in the red, yellow, blue, white and black mountains, and the sky is so big, and there is not a Khitan, not to mention a big Zhao who can’t support the sky. My big Zhao never recognizes that you have been fighting against the sky for several years, ten years and hundreds of years."
"As the saying goes, if you cross me, you and I will cross the grassland with the road. It will be so vast that the two families can live in harmony together and sit down. You Qidan people will graze cattle and sheep. We will let you graze cattle and sheep. We Han people will plow and farm, and you will not disturb them."
The three Khitans listened to Li Chongjiu’s meaning with a thoughtful look.
Du Yan said, "So you Han people are going to enter the grassland of Huoershen this time?"
Li Chongjiu said angrily, "You said it backwards. When did our big Zhao Qidan fight every year? It wasn’t your Qidan who invaded first. You said that we Han people beat you. Don’t you all have a bad face? On the contrary, you collaborated with Turks to invade Han, burn my countryside and take my daughter captive. "
Chapter four hundred and sixty-nine Assistant Minister in the third place
Li Chongjiu’s words all three Khitan leaders bowed their heads and said it was right.
At this time, the court official told me, "Most of the weak water States protect Zhang Xuansu, the middle-aged person in Wang Junkuo, and ask for an audience!"
Li Chongjiu nodded and said, "Xuan!"
Soon Wang Junkuo and Zhang Xuansu entered the hall together and bowed down and said, "Visit the king."
Li Chongjiu reached out a finger and said, "Give me tea."
Immediately, I came to send reed mat tea. Wang Junkuo Zhang Xuansu sipped his sweet tea with a teacup in his hand, while three Qidan people were also holding a bowl.
At this time, Li Chongjiu said, "Is the Fu Fu Yu department as soon as Jin Qu is listed?"
Zhang Xuansu put a teacup and said, "Report that Wang is now in Huaihuang Town, and there are still three quiet and quiet children waiting to be punished."
Li Chongjiu nodded and asked, "Have you talked about the handling of several Aiqing in the province?"

"Being taken away by your official, you can’t ask after the autumn."

Just answer the big ye replied
"Ask after the autumn?"
"You can say that this son is poor."
"What’s wrong? Killing people, paying off debts and paying back money, the Gaos family has seven lives! "
"It’s not bad to put this short body, but it’s not right to put this short body. Is this short body sent by Japan to do something? Or was it invited by the princess royal to attend the’ fairy viewing meeting’? Think about what our parents dare to do? The biggest possibility is not to catch it back and wait for it before releasing it? "
There’s that white man muttering
This guy took a deep breath and wanted to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything, but he spat heavily.
Exhale mixed with lament.
"Poor Lao Gao’s family"
There were some words behind, but Li Changhai didn’t listen.
Hanxiao went straight to Guanting to block the scene.
He looked at an acquaintance.
He wants to inquire about it again carefully.
Old blind, the zhangs’ young master looked behind and nodded at the same time.
It’s rare to listen without bias.
"What did the old blind man say?"
The zhangs’ young master asked Yin is extremely extremely.
"I didn’t say much. I just had a bad breath in my chest."
Old blind pursed her lips.
The zhangs’ young master smiled.
Turn around and go.
The pier is just that Japanese ship is also there.
No one cares about a family of seven?
He is in charge of Zhang Deshou.
"Alas, this just idle for a few days, why do you have something again?
Where are the animals? Why are they so restless?
True "
The old man mumbled and followed.
At this time, Li Changhai didn’t find that the two were gone. At this time, he had seized Haimen Bantou Liu Renjia and listened carefully.
"Li Xiaoye you don’t interfere with it!
You can’t tell when you get involved!
Even if Mr. Mo comes, the two countries must be cautious. "
Liu Renjia officer face a look aggressive Li Changhai guessed what was going on immediately persuaded.
"and Mr. mo no one to do things when one person.
The big deal is that I will lose my life.
I’m asking now, where is it short?
Is it released?
Still in prison. "
Li Changhai’s eyes are red at this time.
Blood poured into the pupil.
The silly little blood gas has come, regardless of it.
Liu Renjia didn’t recruit at first sight.
"The yamen is estimated to be released by the master soon …"

"Did the poison see blood and seal the throat? Even the monks who refined the gods poisoned the poison." Li Yanshen said.

Hey, hey, a smile in charge. "Finally, I advised a few people who looked pleasing to the eye to buy some poison in case the result came to me directly. That was a mean person’s way of disdaining. I almost shot him to death with each palm. Good, good. You want poison, right? I have a bottle of specially refined poison here, and I have to be poisoned with a little refined spirit. I can’t sell you a little cheaper than 500 copper coins."
After that, the steward secretly took out a transparent bottle from his arms, which contained a small amount of transparent liquid and looked like clear water.
"The color and taste of this thing is definitely an essential medicine for home travel to kill people." The steward said positively for fear that others would not know about this poison.
"Really effective?" Li Yan has some doubts.
The steward immediately patted the counter and startled the people next to him. "What is this? Do I dare to sell fakes here? If the elders know it, it’s hard for me to die."
"Good" Li Yan bit her teeth and lost five hundred pieces of copper coins.
Later, Li Yan bought several sets of wild animal fur sewing robes and some pills for treating traumatic injuries. Finally, it was a bleeding. At one time, she spent 600 copper coins to buy a mysterious sword and a box of jet intermittent ointment. This ointment can reattach broken limbs, which is very precious, but the money is spent and it is a pile of scrap iron.
When I was taken away, the steward suddenly handed Li Yan a wooden box. "I’ll give you an antidote if you look pleasing to the eye. This poison is too fierce. If you are accidentally injured, it will be bad. But if you wake up, if you are poisoned, don’t come to me and find it. I don’t have an antidote."
"Thank you for your brother" Li Yan hand way
After leaving the counter, Li Yan looked at the ring and there were 300 copper coins left. He sighed, "It’s really a waste of money. I just earned more than 2,000 articles and spent it all."
Waving the blue sword with two words engraved on it, Qing Feng Li Yan nodded "Qing Feng Jian? Well, this sword is not bad. It’s a pity that I can’t forge the mysterious weapon or the weapon will be refined by myself. "
"Miss Wang, let’s start now. It’s been more than half an hour. I believe they are waiting for us at the foot of the mountain." Li Yan took up his sword and threw a pile of sundries at the black-striped one-horned leopard and sat down with a leap.
Wang Xinmei nodded and sat down in the black cat.
"Go" Li Yan patted the black-striped one-horned leopard, which swooped out with a growl and rushed away at a very fast speed.
"Hey, brother, wait, don’t you want to buy a miracle cure? I happen to have one here." A monk hurried after him.
"Stop" Li Yan quickly stopped the black cat.
The man took a few breaths, but for his sudden outburst, he really couldn’t catch up with this beast.
"Excuse me, Mr. Li is an alchemist. I happen to have one of the pills mentioned just now. I wonder how much your brother will bid?" Pharmacist Li is a thin man who doesn’t give off a faint smell of medicine all the time. It seems that he has been dealing with elixirs all the year round.
"How about a hundred coppers?" Li Yan said
Li Yaoshi shook. "This price is too small. I spent more than 100 pieces of copper coins. Brother, please add some."
"Two hundred pieces" Li Yan said directly.
Pharmacist Li still shook his head. "No, I can’t. This miraculous cure, but the miraculous cure, has produced an extraordinary Dan pattern. If it weren’t for lack of money to buy an elixir, I wouldn’t sell it. I also know that refined pharmacists like to cultivate powerful wild beasts to pick the original elixir in the mountains. I want to keep it for myself."
"Two hundred dollars plus this elixir?" Li Yan took out a high curative value clover, which was found in millions of mountains with Wang Kui at that time.
Li Yao’s eyes lit up. "I changed the century-old high curative value clover."
Li Yan guessed that this herb was very attractive to the alchemist, but this elixir had nothing to do with himself, so it was better to exchange it for the elixir.
"This business is my advantage, not your name? If you want Dan medicine, you can come to the Dan medicine hall to find my pharmacist Li. "
"After Li Yan, if you have something to visit and have a body, please leave first."
Putting Dan medicine in your arms, the black-striped unicorn leopard immediately rushed out like a dark flash, which is faster than it seems that the strength of black cats has improved a little these days.
Pharmacist Li holds a clover with high curative value, which is like marrying a daughter-in-law.
"Oh, I almost forgot to ask Li Yan where this elixir was picked. If I knew the place, maybe I could plant a few high curative value clovers." Li Yaoshi only slammed his head after Li Yan left for a long time.
Chapter seventy-three The mountains
Li Yan arrived at the mountain and found that the two men had not arrived yet.
"Brother Li, wait a minute. I didn’t expect Sister Ning Yue to be slower than us," said Wang Xinmei.
"Well," Li Yan nodded. He bought the miracle cream from pharmacist Li. It was like a round pearl that never gave off an attractive taste. He saw a natural texture that was particularly beautiful.
"Dan wen? This alchemy of Li Pharmacist was indeed able to refine the Dan medicine with Dan grain. The efficacy of any Dan medicine with Dan grain is several times that of ordinary Dan medicine. One Dan grain is twice as powerful as two Dan grains, and two Dan grains are four times. It is said that one Dan medicine can practice nine Dan grains at most. If it can reach that state, even an ordinary Qi and blood Dan can reshape the bones and muscles into decay and magic. "
Asked about the miraculous medicine, the black-striped one-horned leopard growled again and again, and it was very exciting to wait for a black tail to shake constantly.
"What’s the hurry to give you?" Li Yan only took a shot of Dan medicine and fell into the mouth of the black-striped one-horned leopard, whose throat thumped and swallowed it.
"You bastard, you have to live up to my expectations and spend so much money to feed me. You have to evolve into a monster beast."
"roar! Hey! "
The black-striped one-horned leopard roared with its head held high as if it were confident.
Since feeding three Qiqiao Qingxin Dan, the intelligence of this black-striped unicorn leopard has also increased a lot, and it has been able to understand Li Yan’s speech.
"It’s good to have confidence." Li Yan nodded, and he also believed that this miraculous cure would help him, the leopard king, to become a monster beast.
At this time, Fat Liu He came over with a smile. He seemed to be well prepared with a backpack on his back. "Why hasn’t Brother Yue arrived yet?"
"Ha ha this is not coming? Let a few people not wait. "Yue Qiuyang and Ning Yue came from a path." I’m really sorry for asking for a message just now. "
"oh? What news did Brother Yue get? Tell us about it. "Fat Liu He asked quickly.
Yue Qiuyang waved his hand. "It’s nothing. It’s just that there are a lot of brothers looking for the roller. The elders and seniors in the temple of alchemy and refining are all out, and the repairs are very strong. Even the followers have the training environment. I really don’t have enough strength to see this trip. Don’t be too persistent. If you accidentally get involved, you will fall into a violent corpse wilderness. Is it worth it?"
Smell speech all face a slight change didn’t expect this thing will make so much.
"From the escape direction of that maple, the location should be to the east of the millions of mountains. Many monks crossed the millions of mountains and went straight to the east with their strength. If we want to go, we can walk slowly." Yue Qiuyang shook his head, which was quite nai.
Li Yan frowned. "I heard that there was a very powerful dynasty in the east, and even too Amen didn’t dare to provoke it. If Feng escaped into the boundary of that dynasty, it would be impossible to find the roller key."
Yue Qiuyang nodded. "Yes, but we are going out for a walk, and we don’t really want to desperately grab the roller key, so that those strong people can fight for it themselves. Let’s walk into millions of mountains and see if we can find any natural talents to practice Bora."
Hearing this, Li Yan is more and more sure that Yue Qiuyang’s mind is not the roller key, but has another plan.
"Well, it’s getting late for you. Let’s start. Let me lead the way. You stay close to me and I will cross the dangerous zone of millions of mountains as quickly as possible." Yue Qiuyang flew out directly at the sound of his voice, and his divine power was wrapped in Ning Yue, which made her experience a thrill of flying to the ground.
Fat Liu He looks fat, but he is not slow, not far behind.
"Divine power flying consumes a lot of black cats." Li Yan patted its head. This head is known for its natural speed. Leopard Wang Hua disappeared in situ with a dark flash.
Wang Xinmei’s face with a hint of enjoyment "Li Dage really had the foresight to tame wild animals to walk instead of walking."
It’s true that the black-striped one-horned leopard is comfortable when it is mounted, which makes people bumpy all the way.
After half a ring, Fat Liu He slowed down a little. He begged, "Can that brother Li let me sit, too? Although I am very big, I am very light, so I can guarantee that I won’t add too much burden to your mount."

It’s just a fight to the death

It takes more than ten days to reach the outpost planet Meria from Rabe by flying through the obelisk Silver Castle.
In the past ten days, I have learned more about Kodo through Kodo, an old rival, Gabriel.
And Xu’s talent for learning is also very high.
Gabe said that unless Kodo’s parents or his wife are close, people can recognize the disguise of withdrawing.
About ten days ago, the language problem and accent problem have been completely solved.
It’s no problem to pretend to be able to get the water power in the early 20 s in Shui Yuan Palace because of the ability of water to retreat.
Besides, Gabe and Derry said that it was not surprising that a priest cultivated some new extraordinary abilities.
After all, Kodo has been stationed on the planet Billa for six years!
This let Xu back a sigh of relief.
Some of his characteristics are not very extraordinary, and his native ability is ability.
But the Excalibur is definitely not easy to move.
Besides, Gabe emphasizes character at most!
An Amish’s ability and appearance can be changed to some extent, but only the personality, especially the personality characteristics of the elderly, is extremely difficult to change.
Kodo’s personality is arrogant, paranoid and somewhat extreme.
This is also the reason why Kodo was not lovable in the temple and was sent to the root of the planet Bila!
These personality traits need to be disguised.
Xu tui made careful preparations. On July 16th, Xu tui and his party finally arrived at the outpost planet Meria!
Chapter nine hundred and eleven The Bishop of Purple Clothes
The planet Meria is a planet with a low temperature. From a distance, most of the planet is covered with snow, and a few areas can see the bare ground.
As the obelisk silver castle slowly approaches the ground, it can be seen vaguely, and the most visible range is the pointed temple.
According to Roushan Derui, the more difficult the natural conditions are, the more devout and firm the belief in the Lord is.
Unlike them, who have come out of the most prosperous and sacred places, they actually have some …
Therefore, in recent years, Shenting has focused on these planets with harsh natural conditions, and a large number of immigrants have obtained the most important renewable resources!
Finally, it was July 23 rd, when a group of people left, which was a few days ago.
But meria planet or someone to receive them.
They were received by another bishop, Xiliude, a seven-star bishop, who was regarded as the middle and high level of the shrine, but still a little worse than the purple bishop Kerens.
The bishop of purple clothes, Clarence, is a group of people who hold the highest power in the temple.
The so-called reception is actually very simple, that is, signing in and allocating a place to retreat and waiting for other people to tie the knot.
You have to wait until the bishop of purple clothes, Clarence, comes
Xu tui and his party arrived early. When they arrived, they stopped at Fort Square. There were five obelisks and silver castles. There might be four or five teams.
They need to wait five or six days to make a refund.
It’s no hurry to retreat, just to be familiar with the situation. Of course, practice every day is indispensable
Show up in front of people once in a while and rarely visit.
On whether such a refund is fake or not.
Otherwise, the knife to the ass will be wasted.
In order to fake Keduo’s short bone tail, it is more like Xu tui directly bringing a medical robot knife to sew the short bone tail picked from Keduo to his ass.
It is equivalent to implanting a prosthetic limb. Unless someone fiddles with it and pulls it hard, even the mental scan can’t find the false bone tail.
There is not much difference between fact and truth.
Xu tui intends to live in seclusion, but the environment of Meria planet has aroused Xu tui’s interest.
According to the data of Meria planet, the lowest temperature in the northernmost part of Meria planet can reach 145 degrees, which is twice as low as that in the north and south poles of Blue Star.
From this point of view, it is a sacred place to practice the extraordinary ability of ice.
In fact, Xu’s extraordinary ability to retreat water is not studied much, which is a semi-crane, which is far from the soil
It is really sensed and understood that the current induction ability of soil tools is allowed to retreat.
But the water is relatively small, that is, it is still unfamiliar from the technical level, which feels like the foundation is not solid enough.
Just the planet Meria has very suitable conditions here, and when it’s time to retreat, I’m ready to take advantage of these days to go to the far north of Meria to realize a thing or two.

These attacks are like a great force pulling the arms and completely crushing every part of it … not even a tiny cell is left.

Lin thought this trap was very interesting. At first Lin also thought it was a trap set by’ 2′
But now it seems that this is not the case … In ancient times, Yinlin also got some arms again and went to Area 2 for observation.
Lin found that 2 is now in a state that seems to be about to collapse.
The whole body is that "sea of cloud" in this area, and now this "sea of clouds" is fight with each other.
This sea of clouds is mainly composed of a lot of very small soft materials, just like a lot of amoebas piled up together.
Lin is now the whole sea of clouds’ amoeba’ … are fighting each other.
This has also led to a situation that this’ sea of clouds’ is no longer like a sea of clouds … When I came here, Lin felt like entering the smoke.
Several tiny substances are … fighting each other.
Every’ amoeba’ has no concept of friendship, that is, they regard everything around them as an enemy.
Everyone desperately attacked the same kind around them until they died
Lin’s pompoms are slowly moving forward in the smoke of constant fighting … Here Lin can also feel a lot of brainwave signals.
These signals are like two creatures arguing, and they keep saying’ you can’t do this’ to each other.
Lynn is now flying to the signal source to see what she can find.
And outside, Lin Yunnao Leviathan has left the belt.
However, Lin hasn’t sent it yet, because Lin found that there were many strange sending energies around.
It’s weird that … these energies are very similar to those found in Linda’s belt.
That is, symbionts can get that kind of … bus memory information.
Because the symbiont is transporting the Leviathan part of the brain, it can also find that the out-of-band virtual species has a lot of this special energy
This kind of energy feels much clearer than in the belt, and it is also because of them that … it was sent wrong just now.
With rifali’s energy, but it can be outside
To be precise, they will be mixed with ordinary energy when they are delivered, thus producing special effects.
Why is there so much energy concentrated here?
You can know from the symbionts … that all this energy actually comes from a bus.
At the beginning, the third bus besides the bloody bus and Walsh was "distorted"
This bus stop has always been inaccurate.
But now it’s … mixed with memory fragments, and energy is everywhere.
Lynn thinks that maybe something special will happen.
At this time, Lin also found that these energies … became more and more’ strong’.
They constantly appear in the virtual space around them … which makes the virtual space around them full of a lot of energy.
Symbionts have also gained many new memories through exposure to these increasingly intense energies.
Unfortunately, these memories are still nowhere. They are all just a sight of a bus drifting in the virtual space.
But Lynn thinks that if you keep searching, you may find some information.
When Lin thought so, there was a sudden … violent explosion in the virtual space ahead.
The location of the explosion was very dazzling, and there were several pieces from it … and the small pieces kept flying out.
These’ small pieces’ are actually quite large, and they have objects the size of dust to tens of meters.
Lin Yunnao Leviathan is constantly being hit by these objects.
They are like a violent sandstorm, of course, much stronger than the average tumbling sandstorm.
The light ball produced by the’ explosion’ expanded to about 100 kilometers at this time. Actually, it was an explosion. Lin felt that it was like a’ drain’.
Several substances are constantly leaked from the inside and spread to the surrounding virtual space.
Suddenly Lynn had an idea that she wanted to disintegrate the ray and hit it.
And at this time, it suddenly became brighter, and it felt like a star.
Lynn found that Leviathan had many light-sensing organs, and she could feel it shining in this moment.
As if it covered everything.
But it lasted for a short time, and Lin could see clearly again soon.
"Come back"
Actually’ listening’ is earlier than’ watching’
Lin felt the explosion center of a message sent by a bus language … there was a roller.
That’s … that’s the bus?
Lin wondered when she saw it. This bus is more than 2,000 kilometers in diameter, which is … very small.
At the same time, you can see it surrounded by many flying objects.

To tell the truth, Xu is also very worried about this problem.

He has a red core as a guide, but what about others if he doesn’t go out in person?
This is also the problem that Xu tui faces.
"Mr. Ulla, tell me how to get this temporary road guide material?" Harlan is in a hurry.
Ula is not in a hurry to say but laughs. "My myth has not contributed much to joining Bluestar!
Today, this method can be regarded as the contribution of myth to Blue Star if I say it directly. "
Before they say anything without nutritional thanks, the mythical Lord Ulla added, "It is your ability to make source crystals that seals the card source crystals!
One hundred grams of source crystal is refined and fused into a temporary road guide, and then refined into a road guide spirit according to the method that Colonel Xu just said, and the road guide is portrayed in it.
However, there will be several problems due to insufficient material strength. "
"What’s the problem?" Harlan asked.
"This kind of temporary road can lead to make others can’t! At the same time, this temporary road diversion can be abolished once and for all!
In addition, due to the material reason, the source energy inside will continue to flow and dissipate because of the connection between the temporary road lead and the cosmic channel node!
Generally speaking, temporary road diversion can last for seven days.
After seven days, even if there is no internal source, it will be gone. "
The words of the mythical Lord Wula made everyone in the place meditate for a short time.
Temporary road diversion can really solve the big problem, but the consumption of 100 grams of source crystal is second, but it can be controlled and can last for seven days
You know, the first requirement of road guidance is to be able to sense the presence of cosmic nodes in the cosmic channel.
This alone requires that the spirit is extremely strong or the energy perception is extremely keen. Generally, it takes five stars to make it.
Being able to make it by yourself means that if you want to pass through the cosmic channel, you can be led by the five-star star strong.
At present, the blue star department’s five-star star-rated strong hands can definitely be counted
Of course, there are perverts like Xu tui.
But after all, it is a minority.
"Of course, I also know how to study this method, and what shortcuts can be developed. The convenient method depends on everyone present." The mythical Lord Wula is very modest
"Well, after studying together, we should be able to find a more convenient way," Augusto said, and then looked at Xu tui and Cai Shaochu. "Mr. Cai’s road guide problem has been solved. I think we should pay close attention if we go to track down the attack on the Mayan lair.
This kind of thing should be fast rather than slow. "
Cai Shaochu looked at all the people present and nodded, but said, "It is really appropriate to be quick rather than slow, but the exploration of the cosmic channel is also an important one."
Let’s study the judgment method of leaving breath traces in a cosmic passage again. "
Augusto was startled.
In the end, Augusto did not say anything and participated in the exchange and discussion.
This is also crucial in the future.
But the more we discuss the presence of stars, the stronger the stars will be, the more puzzled they will be.
It’s a little rough.
Except that a discussion is more valuable.
Many questions behind are nonsense.
Even in the waves.
Especially Harlan, Evie, Augusto and others, are extremely precious, but now they are in the channel of the universe.
Even the mythical Lord Ula is puzzled.
However, Cai Shaochu kept talking about being a strong star in the new six-star line, and everyone still had to sell some noodles to Cai Shaochu and listen.
But the more you listen, the more anxious you are.
Isn’t it anti-hunting?
But it has been in the channel of the universe for more than an hour.
Just don’t be hunted by the enemy if you go like this again.
Just when everyone lost patience, a figure suddenly appeared in the cosmic passage, Dai Qi, a star-rated strong man in Huaxia District.
When Dai Qi jumped out, he said to Cai Shaochu, "The headmaster is out as you expected."
Cai Shaochu sneer at all is confused about!
Chapter one hundred and seventy-nine Differentiation of identity judgment